The Speedtwin Comet 1 has been under development since the early 2000's.

  • March 2007 saw the first flight of the pre-production prototype
  • All official test flying programmes were completed in April 2011 resulting in the Speedtwin Comet 1 being the only civil twin engine aircraft cleared for intentional spinning
  • In July 2012 the Speedtwin Comet 1 participated in the daily aerobatic flying display at the Farnborough International Air Show - FIA12.

Continued development of the aircraft combined with extensive flight-testing has established the Speedtwin Comet 1 as an unrivalled aircraft of its type with no other comparable aircraft offering this level of flexibility and performance.




The Speedtwin Comet 1 offers: -

  • Rough field performance - no runway required
  • Twin engines for safe flight over water and hostile terrain (one of few light twins to offer a safe, single engine performance)
  • Short field capability
  • Aerobatic providing unrivalled manoeuvrability
  • Ultimate stress limits of +9G/-4.5G
  • Economical to operate and maintain
  • Strong, reliable and safe



The Speedtwin Comet 1 has multi-role potential both in the civil and military fields:

  • Border and coastline patrol - surveillance/protection (7+ hours endurance)
  • Oil pipelines, pumping stations and refineries protection (particularly where runways are not available)
  • Homeland security - counter incursions
  • Battlefield support
  • Multi-engine pilot trainer in particular for Upset Recovery Training
  • Talk-thru communications and intelligence relay
  • UAV alternative/complement
  • Airborne seismic survey
  • Private leisure/business aircraft




The main aircraft structure is made from 2024 aerospace aluminium alloy and 7075 aluminium machined components.



  • Maximum level speed: 216 mph
  • Maximum demonstrated speed: 264 mph
  • Take off run: 100 m (estimated)
  • Ultimate stress limits: +9G/-4.5G
  • Payload: 1,150 lbs (estimated)
  • Range: 900 nm/1,700 km
  • Single engine loiter: 8.5+ hours (estimated)
  • Rate of climb: >2,000 ft/min



  • The wealth of studies, tests and development work already carried out on the Speedtwin Comet 1 significantly reduces investment risk and operational time scale
  • Provides a significant first step into aircraft manufacturing or, could be used as part of a strategic growth plan to existing activities
  • Provides training, development and employment to the local population
  • Offers excellent profit potential
  • Entire investment could possibly be paid for as part of an offset programme.


The present aircraft holds a UK CAA Permit, which has enabled us to prove the aircraft flies safely and well. We can of course continue to use this aircraft to demonstrate to potential customers and to test any further modifications/options as required. However, in order to put the aircraft into production it will be necessary to certify the aircraft to full European Aviation Safety Agency, EASA standards. Our research suggests that this will cost approximately US$3million and take 18-24 months. Simultaneously, the production organisation approval process could be started and production facilities arranged with recruitment of key production personnel.


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