Governments of all nations but particularly those who need an economical airborne vehicle to provide 24/7 long-range border security. Many countries cannot afford the high cost of infrastructure required to operate a *UAV force and together with their lower mission success rate makes them an inefficient and expensive proposition for any budget conscious government. Manned aircraft are a much more economical and effective solution for all but extremely specialist operations. It is not commonly known that UAVs are vulnerable to communication and control problems and easy targets for even a basic air defence system. It is thought that UAV reliability will be much more acceptable within the next 20 years – the Speedtwin Comet Airframe could be readily adapted as a UAV once improvements become available, thus extending the longevity of the aircraft design.

Defence departments requiring rapid-response aircraft based in the field providing Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance and immediate armed response. Economical military, multi-engine pilot trainer. Talk-thru and intelligence relay operations.

Security companies providing security to large industrial sites particularly in remote regions where there is no nearby airport and where terrorist insurgency is a continuing threat (e.g. BP gas installation In Amenas, Algeria) and thousands of other similar, potential terrorist targets. The Speedtwin Comet 1 could provide economical, round-the- clock, advance warning of terrorist activity.

Mining/natural resource extraction companies for seismic surveys and pipeline inspections – the ability of the Speedtwin Comet 1 to be based alongside the facility gives greater economy, flexibility and immediate response capability to the site operator.

Flying schools providing “Upset Prevention and Recovery Training” to airline pilots. The Federal Aviation Authority (USA) and the European Aviation Safety Agency will soon introduce legislation requiring all airline pilots to undergo regular “Upset Prevention and Recovery Training” following the loss of an Air France Airbus A330 in the South Atlantic in June 2009. This would require an aerobatic capable aircraft. A multi-engine aircraft would more closely represent an airline pilot’s environment and therefore allow higher value training and cost little more than aerobatic single-engine aircraft to operate. The Speedtwin Comet 1 is the only affordable, civil, multi-engine, aerobatic aircraft suited to this role.

Private individuals and small businesses who want something a little different, economical, fast, highly manouevrable, safe, strong, reliable and fun to fly. The ability to operate this aircraft from a field or desert strip, we believe will appeal to many businessmen who wish to visit their customers/associates, friends and relatives who do not live close to an airport. Particularly appealing to residents of countries with large distances between towns, poor and/or dangerous roads and limited airport facilities e.g. China, India, Africa, and parts of Central & South America.

*UAV = Unmanned Air Vehicle or Drone

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